Antony Kontos Podiatry Clinics

From routine podiatry appointments, to the diagnosis and treatment of more serious foot conditions, Antony Kontos provides a holistic and bespoke approach to all of your podiatry needs. He has been providing services to both adults and children with a range of foot and ankle conditions for many years. Foot problems can have a hugely negative impact on the quality of one’s life, which is why he is so dedicated to providing high quality care alongside an empathetic and professional approach.

Antony is a highly qualified podiatrist with clinics in Chelsea and St John’s Wood, London, with training in all aspects of general podiatry and podiatric surgery. He utilises the latest technologies and treatments to provide his patients with completely individualised treatment plans and customised care. Whether you are concerned about the possible foot complications associated with
diabetes or have more general questions regarding common foot problems such as verrucae, corns or ingrowing toenails, Antony will be able to correctly advise you. Recommendations may include further investigations, including X-rays, scans or gait analysis. More specialised advice and treatment is also available on gait and sports related foot problems.

Foot problems can be a great source of pain and discomfort, causing an impact on normal walking and sporting activities. They can, in certain instances, lead to more severe consequences, especially in patients with poor peripheral circulation or those with diabetes. Antony believes that taking a good history and listening closely is key to making the diagnosis.